I once was a good girl:

I feared my body, shrank my voice, and played it safe.

I learned to cultivate two versions of myself:

A carefully constructed side of me lived in my home, and my true self only surfaced outside of those walls.

After years of self-censoring and curating the most likable version of me, a deep fear had taken root:

“I am too much.

No one can find out or I’ll end up alone.”

So I became the version of me that was needed.

The likable version.

I was so liked, and things were so smooth when I kept quiet.

I told myself it was easier on everyone around me and hoped that was enough.

I had constructed a false self for acceptance, and found it. The realization left me feeling hollow. Alone. Smothering in niceness.

Curating a likable version of me for every circle of friends meant there were as many versions of me as I had communities. I avoided mixing circles, unsure of how to be everything for everyone all at once… fearing I’d be discovered if I did.

And that was the most frightening thing of all:

I didn’t even know who “me” was anymore.

Even if I could just be me, what if people didn’t like me?

My house of cards would come tumbling down.

What good is it being liked, if it wasn’t really me?

I became a freedom-seeker, and travelled all over the world trying to find a place for all of me to exist. But I found there was no where outside of me to be all of me, until I could be myself inside of me.

Eventually it all fell apart.

Honestly, given who I was being in my life, it had to.

I got divorced, went home to my mom (ouch), and started having disturbing vision problems in one eye. Within 6 months of returning home, doctors had diagnosed me with an “autoimmune disease” that I feared would change my life for the worse.

Multiple Sclerosis.

No f*ing way.

But what I thought would be the end of my life as I had known it became the birth of my true self.

I asked spirit to show me why this was happening.

A spirit guide came to me in a vision and spoke:

“You will continue to have problems with your eye until you are able to see who you truly are. It is a choice. If you avoid this, you will also develop illness in your throat.”

Well, OK. That settles it.

I choose me.

The only way out of this is straight through the heart of it.

I danced until my vision blurred.

I learned how to exist in and feel my body.

I changed my diet to support my healing.

I got deep in the woo and uncovered the intuition I had looooong suppressed, stopped my illness in it’s tracks, and learned to speak my truth.

I trained in Innerwise to help guide others to uncovering their authentic voices.

I named myself in ceremony.

I launched a podcast named Alter Ego about uncovering your hidden truths, integrating both your true desires and your reclaimed shadows, and embodying all parts of the Authentic Self, your SUPER SELF.



and out of my own darn way to be who I came here to be:

A fearless advocate for YOU to integrate all parts of yourself and claim the life you are called for…

A life of your soul’s design,  finally!

Reclamation starts in the energetic field, clearing out all of the mess and build-up that is in the way. With this foundation, reconnection to our authentic self naturally unfolds through mind and body and finds expression through the voice.

So let’s clear what’s in the way, and connect you to your souls purpose so you can live in your body and voice powerfully:

Fully sourced.

Fully present.

Fully you.

(This is who you came here to be, Dear One. Who you’re longing to be.)

Nothing is more magnetic than your Super Self…

It is your soul’s authentic voice.

It’s time.

It’s been time.

I can’t wait to meet you!