Learn how to:

– Uncover your VOICE

– Connect with your MAGIC

– Transform your inner Good Girl into a QUEEN!

Day 1: #Unwind

What would you like to release? This is your chance! Speak it out and let it go.

Day 2: #Rebirth

Claiming Ritual, calling in your feminine magic! Who are you here to be?

Day 3: #DanceItOut

Move that glorious body of yours, gorgeous! Put on your favorite songs and let loose.

Day 4: #SayMyName

Invoke your affirmation, Queen! Name yourself powerfully, we’ll do this daily from now.

Day 5: #LightItUp

What is the #1 thing that stops you? Shine a light on it, make a plan, and lean in for support!

Day 6: #InnerVoice

Fearlessly follow your intuition for one whole day. Trust yourself, and see where it takes you!

Day 7: #TrueDesire

What do you truly desire in your sex life?

Day 8: #SoWorthIt

Give yourself pleasure! It can look like a luxurious bath with candles, or find some time alone, go to a dance class, or self pleasure, you decide!

Day 9: #ElevateHer

Shout out a woman in your life whom you adore. Really sing her praises!

Day 10: #YasQueen

Celebrate yourself today!!

Each day, expect to receive an email from me further

explaining your challenge of the day.Access to a private facebook group for

intimate shares, connection, AND support.I will uplift, challenge, and support you to own and share

your voice in a bold way with those who are important to you!

– Uncover your VOICE.

– Learn to TRUST your INTUITION.

– Overcome fears to SPEAK FROM YOUR HEART, even when it’s scary.

– Learn ritual and daily practice to increase your MAGIC and SELF WORTH.

– Cultivate the CONFIDENCE, SELF-LOVE and MAGNETISM of a Queen!