I’m Athena

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I adore reconnecting women to their deep knowing, sensuality, power, and presence.

Take a deep breathe & receive

You’re ready to…


  • Heart Space
  • Spirit Connection
  • Body Consciousness
  • Integrated Awareness


  • Intuition
  • Deep Listening
  • Body awareness
  • The voice
  • Goddess mindset
  • Sensuality


  • with your true desires
  • to your Sensual Journey

Be a Presence

  • Body Language
  • Filling the Space
  • Magnetic Manifestation with sensual practice

Change a Name

  • Intention Setting
  • Alignment
  • Invocation Ceremony

Create Ritual

  • Personalized ritual
  • Goddess Ceremony 
  • Sacred headpiece creation
  • Energetic clearing
  • Invocation

Goddess Talk

I’m honored to support you.

Let’s connect!

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